Ramakrishna Race Performance Management Pvt. Ltd. or in short ‘RRPM’ is a company with the sole serious intention of promoting “Professional Motorsports” primarily in India.

In 2003, RRPM was started by Arindam Ghosh, an icon in his own rights with Rallying and Organizational experience of nearly 40 years. With a record of over 65 events and top 5 finishes in about 43, Arindam is also credited with the foundation of Competitors Association of Motor Sports (CAMS).


RRPM is proud to be a part of the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India, which is the apex body of our Country.

RRPM has primarily one aim and that would be the re-incarnation of the spirit of Motorsports as a whole in India. In light of this purpose, we provide all kinds of technical assistance and information required to be at par with the National Level, even run our own Performance Store in Kolkata.

In 2004, we made history by holding the first ever National Racing Championship on Indian Roads at Rajarhat, Kolkata.

Enthusiasm is one thing but Dynamism is another, and that is where RRPM stands out with the idea of ‘Motorsports Management’ to provide technical assistance in organizing events all over the Country and ensure the faith and trust of the Sponsors. But RRPM doesn’t slow down there;

In 2005, the story of RRPM took a new turn, when Arindam Ghosh’s son, Amittrajit became ‘The National Racing Champion’ in the Formula Maruti Category.

In 2006, to boost Drivers from Bengal, the then 50 yrs old Arindam Ghosh entered INRC in 1400cc category and finished 3rd in the Championship. This boosted many from the east into Motorsports which was almost dead.

In 2007, after tasting success in racing, the young gun of RRPM, Amittrajit, made his debut in the rough terrains of the World of Professional Rallying and went on to be the National Rally Champion in the 1400cc category and finished 4th in the Overall Championship. In the same year he won the National Racing Championship in the Saloon Cars Class as well.

In 2008, Amittrajit Ghosh of RRPM was selected by one of India’s top Motorsports Teams, Red Rooster Racing to push the Group N+ Cedias to its limits along with Team Member, Vikram Mathias, a man who needs no introduction. With a cloud of dust raging behind, Red Roosters’ newest prodigy took 3rd position in the Overall Championship.

In 2009, as the season kicked off with the ‘Speed Rally of Coimbatore’, the younger Rooster shook things up by catching the 1st place on the Podium. Not one to leave his sibling behind, Arindam Ghosh’s daughter, Somonnita Ghosh who just happened to be a past Regional Karting Champion also entered the World of Rallying in 2009 as a Co-Driver for Karna Kadur in the Rally Star Cup Category. And as expected, she performed flawlessly and went onto record her first National Championship in the Rally Star Cup category.

The same year, RRPM brought National Rallying back to Eastern India after a gap of almost 10 years with the ‘Speed Rally de Kolkata‘, Round 3 of the Indian National Rally Championship held in Durgapur and Kolkata.

In 2010, with 2 podium finishes Amittrajit finished 4th in the championship tied with MRF’s Gaurav Gill.

In 2011, after Red Rooster Racing announced an untimely retirement from Motorsports, Amittrajit Ghosh was selected by Team MRF after a rigorous testing process. After mechanical failure in Nasik, the season opener of INRC 2011, Amittrajit won the South India Rally and was 2nd in the Rally of Chikamagalur and Odisha. He finished 3rd in the Championship owing to mechanical failures in 4 out of the 7 events.

RRPM brought a whole new meaning to the format of TSD (Time-Speed-Distance) Rallying in 2011 with the Rally de State of Art, Rally de Sea View and Eastern Mountain Safari. It redefined the concept, safety and glamour of the long lasting TSD format of rallying and was appreciated by all competitors who believed this is the future of TSD rallying.

The same year, RRPM fielded two Group N 2000cc cars (Mitsubishi Cedia) in the INRC. This motivated local rally drivers to improve their skills for getting a berth in the RRPM Rally Team. One of the cars, driven by the team of Karna Kadur and Somonnita Ghosh won the 2000 cc Group N National Rally Championship and finished 4th overall.

The last round of the INRC 2011 named Rally de Bengal, organized by RRPM created history by running the first ever Super Special Stage on the streets at night, another landmark in the Indian Motorsports scene.

In 2012, RRPM was entrusted to run TEAM BIRLA TYRES in the Junior INRC consisting of 2 cars. Dean Mascarenhas of TEAM BIRLA TYRE finished 2nd in the Junior Championship. RRPM also ran two Mitsubishi Cedias in the Overall INRC category. Amittrajit Ghosh with co-driver Ashwin Naik of Team RRPM won the NATIONAL TITLE and Karna Kadur with co-driver Somonnita Ghosh finished 3rd.

The introduction of JINRC, IRC, POWER STAGE and even introduction of N4 cars in the Indian Rallying in 2012 was the mastermind of none other than Arindam Ghosh of RRPM.

RRPM also ran 2 unique events, the Rally de Dusk (Night Rally) which ran after more than a decade in Kolkata and Rally de Complex which was the first of its kind in having been completely held within a complex (Bantola Leather Complex). RRPM is proud to say that their regular competitors did fare well in Rallies they participated in all over the country. Our Rallies are considered by many as the ultimate stepping stone to graduate to serious Motorsports. It was nice to note that the SFTC concept adopted by RRPM had been incorporated in the INRC TSD 2012.

In 2013, we were entrusted by the FMSCI to run Round 3 of INRC & IRC on 10th – 12th May in West Bengal. Unfortunately due to Panchayat elections in Bengal we could not hold the event for security reasons.

We however organized a land mark event with a new design where two events ran back to back on the same day, the finish of the first event being the start of the next event. The Rally de State of Art and Rally de Sea View introduced a new concept in the organization of TSD events in the Country. Competitors could do two events on the same day. We like to call it the ‘Double’ effect. Double the events, double the fun, double the chances of winning, double the prize money and so on and all this on the same day and preparations of just one event.

Our team car driven by Amittrajit Ghosh with co-driver Ashwin Naik won the India National Rally Championship for the second straight year winning each and every event they entered. They also went on to win the Mughal Rally for the second straight year.

In 2014, RRPM was back to organizing Round 4 of the Indian Rally Championship on 31st Oct – 02nd Nov. The Championship had removed the word ‘National’ from it and became an Asia Zone Championship with entries of foreign cars and drivers made open. It truly was a new beginning for Indian Rallying.

In 2015, RRPM organized Round 8 of the Indian National TSD Rally Championship, the MRF Rally de Orange in Darjeeling. It was a resounding success and hailed by many as the best event of the Championship.

In 2016, RRPM started its year by going to International shores where its team car driven by Amittrajit Ghosh finished 3rd (BRC 4) in Round 1 of the British Rally Championship, the Mid Wales Stages Rally.

RRPM also finally fulfilled its long time goal of bringing in a new era of Indian Rallying. It was a proud moment to have been chosen by the FMSCI as the Promoter of the Indian National Rally Championship (INRC), the Indian Rally Championship (IRC) and the Indian National TSD Rally Championship (INTSDRC).

2017 began with RRPM continuing to promote the Indian National Rally Championship (INRC) and the Indian National Regularity Run Championship (INRRC) , the premier format of Stage and TSD events in India.

2018 creates history. Amittrajit Ghosh with co-driver Ashwin Naik of Team RRPM wins Acropolis Rally, (ERC3) a round of European Rally Championship. The first Indian to do so. RRPM also successfully concluded the 3 year term with high note as promoter of INRC.

2019 RRPM gets Indian National Sprint Rally Championship (INSRC) rights for 5 years. It’s our challenge to take INSRC to a new height of Indian Motor Sports.

With the likes of Arindam Ghosh, Basudeb Bhattacharya, Arpan Datta along with Amittrajit Ghosh and Somonnita Ghosh, Team RRPM is committed to finally making Bengal the hot spot of Motorsports that she deserves to be while taking Indian Rallying to greater heights.

RRPM believes in continuously striving to get even better at what they do. It is this drive that makes them conceptualize and innovate with new and bigger events. There are many more such unique events to come. Our motto is to make our presence felt in a much bigger way in the International Arena. Watch this space!

Towards this end RRPM continues to work towards its prime object of enforcing better safety in the sport and gradually change one’s mind :


“Motorsports is DANGEROUS”


“Motorsports CAN BE DANGEROUS”

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